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Music in tune with your resting heartbeat™

iPhone and iPad Sonosync App is now available. Change between the 3 different speeds at a touch... find out more now on our Facebook page

We all have trouble sleeping and relaxing at certain points in our life. Whether you are stressed and need to unwind to sleep; you're pregnant or have a newborn and need all the sleep you can get; you'd like some time out to pamper yourself with a bath or a massage; or you're on public transport and want to mentally escape the mayhem...

The Sonosync CDs are the perfect solution and accompaniment for all of these situations and more. Each 3 CD pack contains five different musical compositions, each recorded at three different tempos, providing over two hours of music.

I have been playing the Farfield album almost nightly for about three years now. Its just the right ambient atmosphere for sliding into sleep.

Posted by Leigh Russell Jr on Sunday, 19 July 2015

Our studies have shown that listeners find the version with the tempo closest to their heartbeat to be the most relaxing. The Sonosync process and music was created by Dr Nick Webb (PhD University of Southampton, Department of Acoustics).

Sonosync has previously been used by L'Oreal (new product marketing) , Cathay Pacific (in flight relaxation music channel) and Elizabeth Arden Stores (in store music).

Over time you may find you gradually move to the slower versions as your relaxation levels increase. Each variation was recorded and mixed separately by the composer. There are subtle differences in every recording, in order to make the music work perfectly at each tempo. Every note, beat and echo is in perfect sync!

The Sonosync® technique allows music to be created at varying speeds to better match the resting heart rate of the listener. You receive 3 different versions on 3 CDs.

Fade into sleep
Every version has a long slow fade on the final track to allow you to drift into a deep sleep.

relaxation music mp3 sample Click to listen to a sample of each track (about 2 mins of each track)

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iPhone and iPad Sonosync App is now available. Change between the 3 different speeds at a touch... find out more now on our Facebook page


Sonosync® has been used by

As part of a major new product launch, L'Oreal brand Kerastase created 20,000 CDs featuring 5 Sonosync tracks which were sent to and played in all their salons globally.

Also used by:
Elizabeth Arden Stores worldwide as part of a specially programmed in store music programme.

Featured as New World Music's Guest CD in their catalogue sent to 100,000 customers.

Featured extensively on Classic FM's 'Chiller Cabinet' show.

A 2 hour Sonosync program was featured on Cathay Pacific in-flight relaxation music channel, with an interview by Sonosync founder Nick Webb.

Music from Sonosync was also featured on First Choice Airlines 'Well Being' Channel and several other airlines.

Featured on Energy Moves Yoga DVDs and many other audio products.

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Triple CD package
In everyday life, most people can achieve a state of extreme relaxation on an occasional basis - and may wonder why they cannot re-create this the next day. The stresses and strains of life, illnesses and long working hours can all interrupt the ability of the body and mind to relax.

The Sonosync® CDs are designed to allow a natural state of relaxation to be achieved on a regular and controlled basis. Resting heart-rate measured over several days may have wide variability - a relaxed 50 bpm one day may give way to a stressed 85 bpm the next! Sonosync® helps to target your rate down to the lowest and most relaxed state that you know you can already naturally achieve.

Created by Dr Nicholas Webb (PhD from Southampton University's Institute of Sound and Vibration Research). We are proud to launch the first 3 CD release in the series.


Sonosync® is a registered trademark of FARFIELD Records, PO BOX 152, PORTISHEAD, BS20 7WD