Q. Which version should I use?
A. There are no right and wrong answers to this. Some people with medium to fast heartbeats find that the slowest Sonosync set is preferable whereas many find the first, faster set to be better.

Our tests have shown that those with naturally slow heartbeats nearly always prefer the slowest set as this creates a better resonance with their natural rhythm. Ultimately it is for you to experiment!  You will find one of the sets will naturally seem right for you. The beauty of the triple speed system is that on another day a different disc may seem right. You have a choice which you do not have with any other music.

Q. Can the CDs help me get to sleep?

A. The music is designed to be gentle and wash over you. Many have found it to be helpful for exactly this purpose. There are no sudden sounds and the final track on each set fades away very slowly over a period of 5 minutes enabling a very peaceful drift into sleep if desired.

Q. How does the Sonosync® process work?
A. We have decided to keep the process secret. The alternative was to seek an expensive patent. We prefer to keep the costs of the product down rather than paying expensive lawyers fees!